5W5T 2013, week 2: Riveting Royals

Riveting Royals

By Royal decree (well, let’s pretend, shall we?), the second theme this year is Riveting Royals. There will be kings! Lots of them! Specifically: Edward I, Edward II, Robert I, George III, George IV, George V, Edward VIII and George VI. Phew!

For those of you who’d like them put into perspective, I’m referring of course to:

“Ed One hated Scots. A red hot poker killed Ed Two, that must’ve hurt him lots.”

“George the Third was quite absurd – ’til I replaced old him. And George the Fourth is known henceforth as angry, fat and cross (hang on). It’s true you beat Napoleon, but were mostly a dead loss (bang on).”

I was going to have Charles II in there originally (“No monarchy until came me, Charles Two, I like to party”), as I’ve been meaning to re-watch Restoration for a while, but then there’s the bit about taking the time out to re-watch a film when it’s not as if the DVR doesn’t have an ever-increasing queue of films already. One of which happened to have royals in it, even though they’re all antagonists.

Hopefully you recognise the films from the photos above, or from the list of kings. If not, you’re in for a Scottish rebel, a dotty regent whose son can’t wait to snatch his throne away, and a stuttering prince. It’ll be fabulous! 😀

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