5W5T – Last but not least

Here it is, the fifth and final theme: Perfect Pitt. It’s a shame he wasn’t in the new Star Trek film, or I could’ve posted that review (and that of the first film) this week, but it’ll have to wait.

Perfect Brad Pitt

We could say it’s all about heads this week, but what I mean by that you’ll have to figure out yourself, because to say it outright would require shouting “SPOILERS!!!” for two out of three films …

For next year, hopefully I’ll be better at procrastinating so I don’t have a ton of films piling up and forcing me to have an event like this, because while I finally get around to reviewing films I’ve been meaning to review for months (or a year), it’s also very limiting, because I’ve been to see two live shows this month, a new film’s out and I can’t post the review because it doesn’t fit any of the themes, and so on. So let’s hope I get better at clearing the backlog for May next year. 😉 Well, here’s to hoping …

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