5W5T – Week 4: Brilliant Biopics

Brilliant Biopics

Once again I have to admit being somewhat relieved when it’s all over – books I need to review are kind of piling up here – but there are two weeks to go. For the penultimate week, it’s a theme recycled from last year: Brilliant Biopics.

While there are ten to the dozen of autobiographies to buy as books, not all of them make it into film. The ones I have in mind to review in the following week aren’t autobiographies, but about real people and their lives: Beatrix Potter (1866-1943), Charles Darwin (1809-1882), and John Keats (1795-1821).

Or, basically, Miss Potter (2006) with Bridget Jones, Creation (2009) with that bloke off Wimbledon, and Bright Star (2009) with Q from Skyfall. It’s a period drama extravaganza, just the way I like it! 😀

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