A bottle of Boxleitner, please!

When I was growing up and TV was showing re-runs of How the West Was Won, my sisters would swoon over Luke Macahan. I’m not sure I quite agreed with them, because by the time I was about 9, I already preferred MacGyver over Brendan Walsh, and besides, the only Western thing I ever really got into was the Lucky Luke comic books.

Some years later, I happened upon Babylon 5. To my surprise, handsome starship captain John Sheridan was in fact Luke Macahan, 15 years later! Now what is it they say about fine wine? They get better with age. If so, is he a red, a white or a rosé? Save me a crate of each just to make sure!

IMDb tells me he was about 29 when he played Luke and mid- to late 40s as Sheridan. The whole uniform thing probably played a part as well, because handsome men in uniforms… squee! Last thing I saw him in was probably Heroes, and I really don’t object to seeing him there again, because even though he’ll be 60 next year, he’s still one heck of a handsome fellow. Ooh, yes, and of course he’s married to Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie (squee!) – the 14 years younger (squee!) Melissa Gilbert.

Verdict: Full-bodied and deliciously oak matured.


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