Alice is finally coming to the UK, hooray!

aliceOne is rejoicing, for Syfy’s Alice is finally coming to the UK! From what I’ve gathered, it’s to Alice in Wonderland what Tin Man is to the Wizard of Oz. And that’s enough to get me very excited. Not to mention it stars The Seriously Cute Guy off Primeval (new series started over the weekend just gone, even though I thought they cancelled it), the magnificent Kathy Bates and the insanely brilliant Tim Curry. Oh, note to self: Andrew Lee Potts is the name of the cutie. Actually, better make that hottie, I just saw the piccy on his IMDb profile. Goodness me! Phwoar!

The journey in two parts begins on Syfy (Sky 129 / Virgin 135 / TalkTalk 22 – but does anyone even have TalkTalk?) Thursday, 27 January 2011, at 8:00pm / 20:00.

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