Amazing Gaze: Top 5 Brilliantly Breathtaking Blue Eyes

My other favourite pair of blue eyes 🙂

(I know, it should be “pairs of eyes”, but that doesn’t sound as catchy as a title.)

There are some people whose gaze catches you and makes you stop and think “oh my word” and then you wonder how on earth it’s even possible to have that particular shade. Tonight’s installment will be blue eyes. Beautifully blue, brilliantly breathtaking blue. There are of course many a good-looking actor out there with blue eyes, but I’m interested in the ones where you look at them and can’t help but notice their eye colour specifically. So without further ado, here’s my top 5:

5. TJ Thyne

Look at that intense, blue gaze! How can you not be mesmerised by that? I got this suggestion through Twitter, and googling pictures of him (the name didn’t ring a bell), I knew he had to be included.

4. Richard Armitage

I hear the blogosphere erupt in shock and dismay here, but sorry ladies, I’m going to put our dearest Richard Armitage here. “But he’s only number FOUR!! Surely he should be number ONE!!” you cry, outraged, but the thing is, while I love the man and his beautiful eyes, it’s not the eye colour itself that does it – it’s more about the looks that come out of them. But I couldn’t NOT include him on the list. 😉

3. Neal McDonough

Since I saw him in Tin Man, I couldn’t help but marvel at this man’s eyes. How intriguingly blue they are, in an icy sort of way, except without the ice. More like smouldering. There could be poetry written about this man’s eyes. But still, I don’t feel a poem coming on quite as strongly as when I see …

2. Daniel Craig

That intense, piercing stare and that chiseled jawline. Oh there are reasons why the rebooted James Bond franchise is watchable, and a pair of them stare us right in the face here. Sky blue, blue like ocean waves, blue like … oh well, you get the idea. Hubba hubba.

1. Dan Stevens

Yup, number one has got to be Dan Stevens. As soon as he comes on screen in Downton Abbey, all I can think of is “wow, those eyes are impossibly blue” and they have me nearly as mesmerised as brown eyes do, if they’re just the right side of gorgeous. (Michelle Dockery, for instance, to take another Downton example, wow!) Spellbinding, to say the least. I can’t even use poetic words here, because I just sit in awe and amazement and wonder why on earth I haven’t watched Sense and Sensibility (2008) yet. These eyes are in that adaptation, I’ve heard, and he’ll be in a cravat as well. Yum. Then there’s the voice as well, but that’s a whole different post altogether. One I shall have to sleep on, but rest assured two of the people on this list will be on it. 😉

Who are your top five picks for blue-eyed wonders?

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