Another quake strikes Christchurch

News media reports another quake has hit Christchurch (New Zealand), which is of course where the filming of The Hobbit is taking place. Not in Christchurch per se, but New Zealand. Home of brilliant people like Sam Neill and temporary home of brilliant people like Richard Armitage.

Not too long ago, I wrote about how the Richard Armitage fandom went into their pockets for the Rise Up Christchurch telathon.

To be perfectly honest, I think Tolkien fans in general – or actually just people in general, regardless of their fandoms – should do the same. Dig into pockets, that is.

You can donate to Rise Up Christchurch here (VISA/MasterCard only – 1 NZD = ca £0.50 GBP or $0.80 USD/CAD)

To reward your generosity, have a look at this clip from a trailer inhabited by a group of handsome dwarves, courtesy of RACentral:

Now go be generous, aaight? 🙂

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