Another Richard Armitage dream

It happened again! Doesn’t quite match last time it happened – because meeting him in the street was pretty darn sweet – but on the other hand … sharing a bed ain’t bad either.

Okay, let’s take it from the top, the little I can remember.

(Photo from Nat’s RA Fanblog)

He was cooking in his house. Frying onions and chorizo … and pointing out that the reason he hadn’t sliced the chorizo, but in fact just halved it and had it in big chunks was because his mother preferred it that way. She was hungry and wanted something more substantial, and having tiny little slices weren’t good enough.

Then there was something about him having his mum and a (male) friend over and they ended up sharing his bed (oh yeah, big enough for all of them – his mum was in the middle) because they were staying over and my comment to that, which I wrote down in the dream was something along the lines of “okay so he doesn’t have a spare bed but at least you get to share his own bed if you come visit and stay over!!”

So yeah, cooking and then sleeping. No, it wasn’t weird that they were sharing a bed, because there was nothing sexual with it at all. I don’t even know why I was in his house. Was I meant to be interviewing him or something? Anyway. Did you dream of Richard Armitage last night too? 🙂

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