Anyone play SingStar?

SingStar is pretty much the only game I play on the Playstation 3. Have got a bunch of the discs, and today I played around with the 90s one (PS2) I got most recently but hadn’t tried yet.

Being Swedish does not guarantee a love of ABBA.
I, on the other hand, let out a squee when finding
out SingStar were bringing out an ABBA special.

Why SingStar rocks:

It’s all the fun of karaoke! But with …

  • scores!
    • highscores!
  • the original song (and video!) playing in the background, not some cheap and nasty instrumental cover version!
  • bars to show how the melody goes up or down
  • a nice, uncheesy interface
  • the ability to turn the microphone sound up or down as you choose (down to 0 in my case – I love to sing, not to HEAR myself sing)
  • no echo-y reverb effect thingy (seriously, how cheesy is that?)

Never grew up with video games at home, so gaming doesn’t come naturally to me and it doesn’t really interest me much either. That’s why I play very rarely and usually not for very long. We have different consoles but they’re the Squeeze’s playthings … except for the SingStar game. That one’s all mine …

“My preciuosssssss!”
(and a quick photomanip it was too)

I love singing and generally have a good sing-along in the car driving down the A52 on the way home from work. (Too early to sing driving to work in the morning. Although sometimes I can’t help myself.) Singing practice, is what I call it, and I do believe I have got better since I started using the car for practicing. As I’m in the car going at 70 mph across the countryside, no one can hear me belting away so it allows me to really go at it properly. No neighbours to disturb with loud music. Brilliant! 🙂

The good thing about the game is that you can compete against yourself as well as others. Not just that, you can sing and you get points for it to see how well you’ve done – not to mention you can follow it by looking at the bars and stuff. Why do karaoke when you don’t even get to see the official video and there are no highscores you can try to beat? Here are my three highest scoring songs to date:

Easy: 9870 (Texas – Summer Son)

Medium: 9526 (Erasure – Always)

Hard: 8796 (ABBA – One of Us)

Some day I WILL score 10000 (highest you can get) on Easy! I will, I will! *stamps leg*

With a whole disc full of ABBA, two Modern Talking songs and four Texas songs – how can it not be awesome? They should have more oldies stuff on there (not to mention Britney Spears’s Womanizer!), although last time I played it, I discovered they had added Gene Pitney’s 24 Hours From Tulsa so immediately bought it. Bleedin’ LOVE that song! 😀

Do you enjoy singing? Do you do karaoke or play SingStar or any other type of singing video game?

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