Armitage and Stephens reunited

If it wasn’t for Nat at Richard Armitage Fan Blog, I wouldn’t have looked up the cast list for upcoming TV series Strike Back, which is starring Richard Armitage. As she points out, it will also feature some people RA has worked with before, such as Ewen Bremner (Spooks 8.6), David Harewood (Friar Tuck), and – here’s the clincher! – Toby Stephens (Prince John)! Hooray!

It will have some other famous faces from costume dramas: Andrew Lincoln (Edgar Linton in WH ’09), Jodhi May (Anne Taylor/Weston in Emma ’09), and Orla Brady (Cathy in WH ’98). Some other people as well, of course, but those are the highlights for me personally.

It’ll be fun to see Toby Stephens on screen again, and in the same show as Richard Armitage… squee! He’s only going to be in two (of six) episodes, mind, and we don’t know if they have any scenes together (unless you’ve read the book the show is based on), but still, same show!

As far as I know, Strike Back will be shown on Sky1 in 2010.

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