BBC Four – today, you are too awesome for words

BBC Four have done a press release regarding the schedule for the autumn 2010 / winter 2011 season. And I’m thrilled! Delighted! Amazed! As happy as can be!

1. There’s the first ever filmed adaptation of Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. It might not have been made clear here just yet, but I’m a huge fan of Douglas Adams and Dirk Gently is one of those things that tend to get over-looked because of the vastly more successful Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. Dirk Gently! On the telly! 😀

Holistic detective Dirk Gently, as played by Harry Enfield in the 2007 BBC radio production

2. They’re also adapting not one but TWO of DH Lawrence’s novels! Hooray! Women in Love and The Rainbow, which are combined somehow, apparently, and will star Rosamund Pike. DH Lawrence! Now, how’s that for timing? 😀

Come join in! Let’s be challenged together!

3. There’s also something about sculpturing David Thewlis’s head or something like that. Which I’m not that fussed about, but oh, I’d watch it just because of David Thewlis. The only man I’ve come across who can look smouldering despite a snotbreaker. Someone once said that Remus Lupin is the literary equivalent of hot chocolate. Couldn’t agree more.

Now just adapt Good Omens and The Eyre Affair as well, and I’ll be forever grateful. Oh, and the Brontë novels that haven’t been done to death, i.e. Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. As much as I love the first one, I really would like to see Villette, Shirley and Agnes Grey as well. For a change.

There’s also going to be an Anna Nicole – The Opera, which could have been hilarious like Jerry Springer – The Opera, which had us in absolute stitches. But no, it’s something to do with the Royal Opera House, so there’s that thought out the pan. Meh.

Also, Patrick Stewart is playing Macbeth “in a spectacularly dark, contemporary and stylish film version of Rupert Goold’s highly acclaimed production, set in an undefined and ominous central European world”. Sounds interesting! Can it beat Macbeth in a restaurant kitchen, though? That is the question. (…sic!)


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