Brontë Pictures and listening to Jane Eyre

The people we bought the house off had left behind an empty photo frame. Possibly because it was a bit wonky. I finally found a use for it, the other day! 🙂 When the Squeeze and I went to London in mid-March, we popped in to the National Portrait Gallery (I insisted, because I really wanted to see the Brontë portraits in real life). You weren’t allowed to take pictures there (boo!), so I had to settle for getting some postcards instead, and the frame came in really useful now – so, from the top: Charlotte Brontë (by George Richmond), Emily Brontë (by Branwell Brontë), the Brontë sisters (also by Branwell), and a self-portrait of Jane Austen. All except the Richmond one were on display at the museum. Maybe that one was as well but we didn’t see it. So there you have it, my collection of inspirational female authors! 🙂

Now I just have to figure out where to put it… haha.

While trying to find out who had painted the picture of Charlotte Brontë, I came across this picture on Wikipedia:

It’s a photo! Of Charlotte Brontë! Not just a drawing or a painting, an actual photo! This is what she looked like!

She looks plain… yet at the same time, quite pretty. She’s larger than I thought she’d be – that’s a properly thick neck! Robust, that’s a good way of putting it. Dreamy, that’s another. – And with dreamy I mean it as in she looks like she’s thoughtful and daydreaming.

Just a bit awe-struck at finding an actual photo of her. So rare, and so unexpected. 🙂

Earlier in the week, while listening to one of those Jane Eyre radio adaptations, I had the idea to rip the audio from some DVDs and listen to them as MP3s. Took a while to find a program to do it – and the one I found is on a 30-day trial, so I have to try and get as many in during that time as I can! So far, I’ve done, umm, Jane Eyre? 2006, 1997 and 1973 and as yet, half of 1983. It’s a good listen! I’ve been listening to things all day, second half of ’06, all of ’97, first half of ’73 and the last half of the radio adaptation from ’91. There’s so many more nuances when you listen to it without the pictures. ’06 is very visual, so it doesn’t work as well with just the audio, but the soundtrack is amazing! ’97 – Rochester’s way too angry and yes, Jane sounds rather wooden a lot of the time. The best one must be ’73. It’s very “talky” anyway, so that really works, and without the pictures, you won’t have to see the prolonged close-ups with voiceovers that don’t work when you watch it.

The only downside of spending all day with two very passionate people declaring their intense love for one another in your ears is that you get slightly uncommunicative. At least on any other topic than Jane Eyre… and your work colleagues and husband aren’t as interested in discussing Rochester’s despair and desperation (when losing Jane after the interrupted marriage) as you are. :/

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