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I’ve got Eurosong fever, Ted!

My favourites this year: Denmark and Belgium. Have yet to hear the full versions of the “big five” (minus the UK entry, …

Busy making macaroons. Also, I’m really not in the mood for writing a review today, so I think I might just take … → 3 April 2013

Hubby’s hogging my laptop playing SimCity. Review writing by tablet awkward. → 1 April 2013

Everyone hates Joffrey

Everyone hates Joffrey. If you watch Game of Thrones in particular, or perhaps if you’re just reading the books on which the …

Time for tea?

Epic tea time with Alan Rickman. (Thanks Leffe! :D)

Me and Michael Jackson

This is most peculiar. Early this morning, I had a dream. The dream was situated in a room upstairs in my parents’ …