Coming up – Richard Armitage FanstRAvaganza 2!

Coming in March is the second annual FanstRAvaganza! It’s a celebration of all things Richard Armitage around a number of participant blogs. Some blogs are normally exclusively about Richard Armitage, others – like this one – has him as a recurring topic, simply because we can’t help but swoon over the guy. (Seriously, can you blame us?)

Over the course of a week, specifically 14-21 March, every blogger will run her own particular RA-related theme. My theme last year was the leading ladies of the RA productions. This year, I’ve chosen a theme myself and what that will be … well, Read And Find Out! 😛

This year is going to be bigger than ever! Okay, well, bigger than last year, which is when it all began. So far, these wonderful bloggers and their equally wonderful blogs will be taking part:

Do you have a blog, are a Richard Armitage fan and would like to join in? Get in touch by emailing me at dishmastah at traxy dot net and I’ll put you in touch with the organisers.

Other than that – you are cordially invited and we hope see you in March! Well, hope to see you before then as well, but y’know … until then, it’s business as usual! Carry on!

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