Crafting for Richard Armitage

So this happened:

For some reason (how many dream recollections don’t start like that?), I met Richard Armitage. Maybe I met him because I was interviewing him, or maybe I met him for some other inexplicable reason, it doesn’t really matter.

We started talking and really hit it off, and then he wanted me to make some sort of model house, where a wall had been made to look like stained glass windows by using coloured marbles as brickwork. As it turned out, he had made one when he was little, and showed it to me. It had white walls, and of course, that feature wall with the marbles.

Richard Armitage
“No, you’ve LOST your marbles here, hun, but I love you anyway.” Aww, Richie! You say the nicest things to me … in my dreams!

At any rate, this miniature house-building meant we were on the same page somehow and it was all very nice and comforting. It was quite possibly the nicest – and less extremely weird – dream I’ve had of the guy to date. Yes, even beating the time I was one of the lads playing a dwarf in The Hobbit. 😉

(This might have been a slightly more detailed post had I written it at 7:30 or so when I awoke from it, instead of thinking “I must remember this and blog about it later” and then promptly falling back to sleep, but there you go.)

How are your Richard Armitage dreams these days?

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