Derailed (2005)

Film review: Derailed (2005), directed by Mikael Håfström

derailedA family man forgets to buy a train ticket one morning, hasn’t got any money and a pretty lady offers to buy one for him. And they get a cup of coffee. And drinks. And end up in a hotel room. A man bursts in, knocks the family man out, rapes the pretty lady and afterwards, the victims try to sweep it under the carpet, because they both have families.

However, the attacker isn’t happy with just stealing their credit cards and money – he wants more and starts a blackmailing campaign against Family Man, who already has two mortgages and a daughter who needs a new kidney, and so on.

Family Man – ruggedly handsome Clive Owen. Pretty Lady – Jennifer Aniston. Attacker – Vincent Cassel. It also had Rachael Blake – and I didn’t realise it was Melanie from Sam Neill film Perfect Strangers until now, although I thought she looked familiar! Oh yes, and Xzibit is a thug.

I just found this movie got on my nerves. A lot. I can get the whole fancying someone and going to a hotel with them, but at the same time – why would you “need” to have an affair with Jennifer Aniston when you’re already married to the gorgeous Melissa George? Makes very little sense. Then it just goes into stranger and stranger territory and I cringe with the events, because it feels as if Owen’s character’s actions get less and less believable or even plausible.

I should’ve seen the Plot Twist coming a mile off, really, but I was on my computer at the same time, so didn’t pay complete attention. Basically because the film failed to grab me in the first place! Just a bit implausible and weird and not that great, really. Should’ve gone to bed instead.

1 out of 5 cons.

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