DH Lawrence Challenge 2010: My to-do list

Here’s my list of things I wish to accomplish during the DH Lawrence Challenge 2010, which kicks off on Thursday 1 July 2010! 🙂

  1. Lady Chatterley’s Lover (book)
  2. The Captain’s Doll (novella)
  3. The Ladybird (novella)
  4. The Man Who Died (short story)
  5. The Virgin and the Gypsy (novella)
  6. Love Among the Haystacks (short story)
  7. The Lovely Lady (short story)
  8. Rawdon’s Roof (short story)
  9. The Rocking-Horse Winner (short story)
  10. The Man Who Loved Islands (short story)
  11. Visit DH Lawrence heritage!

I hope to be able to track down some adaptations as well, such as the 1993 version of Lady Chatterley, with Sean Bean and Joely Richardson. We shall see. If so, I’ll add more to the list as they come along. But this is my starting point! 🙂

Oh, I nearly forgot: As part of the challenge, I also aim to visit DH Lawrence Heritage in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire. Don’t know when exactly, but hopefully at some point this summer!

Learn more about the author:

  • DH Lawrence Heritage (Broxtowe Borough Council)
  • DH Lawrence Heritage on Facebook
  • University of Nottingham’s DH Lawrence page

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