DH Lawrence Challenge 2010 – Reviews

Today, it begins! Good luck everyone who’s signed up. Thanks for joining in! It’s my first go at this so please bear with me. 🙂

My personal aim is to take it a bit easier with this challenge than with the Brontë one, where I went “a bit” mad, so have set my limit to a more reasonable one book a month. Will read them in order in the omnibus, but I can’t remember which one comes first. Just know I plan on finishing with Lady Chatterley’s Lover in December.

That being said – let’s go! 😀

Post your DH Lawrence Challenge reviews here!

When you have finished something in the challenge and written something about it on your blog, please pop by here and let the rest of us know the link to your review, because sharing is caring! 🙂

See the Challenge details and sign up to participate here!

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