Dreaming of Spooks and NTA shortlist voting open (not related)

Last night, I dreamed of Spooks. And Lucas North John Bateman wasn’t even in it! (Bloody traitor.) It was something to do with a human-looking robot and a secret room in a house. It was hidden behind a bunk bed and the lock was really dodgy. And for being a super-secret bunker, why on earth did it have perfectly normal windows? Anyway, I believe Dmitri took Harry there, because it was top priority to keep Harry safe. Did that make me Dmitri or was I another spook? Anyway. I think I woke up somewhere there, after having given up on that blasted little key that wouldn’t quite lock the secret door properly.

If anyone wanted to vote in the National Television Awards, the shortlist voting opened today, and will remain open until 26 January. You can vote here: http://www.nationaltvawards.com/vote but there’s nothing about Spooks or Richard Armitage or anything else Richard, boo. However, if you want to vote for Doctor Who or Sherlock, or their respective eponymous characters’ actors, now’s a good chance. They made the shortlist. Good for them! I really enjoy Matt Smith as the new Doctor, actually, and thought the Christmas special was really rather good. More on that another day, perhaps. 🙂

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