Either taken or gay

So here’s the deal. Imagine an incredibly gorgeous bloke, all tall, dark and handsome, and who you can just picture next to you on a wedding photo, because he’s just that droolworthy… Then add on the fact that he’s intelligent, well-read, educated, into meditation and Buddhism and seems to be a pretty decent guy all around… but then there’s the clincher: He’s gay. D’oh!

Who am I talking about? Daytime telly presenter Alistair Appleton, of Cash in the Attic and Escape to the Country. Him presenting those shows is a major pulling-factor for many of us.

He’s a man with the cutest dimples ever who seems to be a good role-model for gay men everywhere. So yeah, if they’re not already taken, they’re gay. Like John Barrowman – “gay as a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide”, but still irresistible somehow… if a little over-bearing. Makes me laugh, though. Alistair seems to be a bit more down to earth. Not as flamboyant. And he has an interesting blog too. And he teaches meditation! Go him! 🙂 (Now that’d be an interesting class… although I’d be way too distracted to meditate anywhere near him.)

Womanhood, we shall have to dry our tears and carry on regardless. Manhood, go forth and, uh, well, you lucky bastards!

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