Emma 2009 #2

In part two, we encounter Jane Fairfax, but other than that, things are pretty much same ol’ same ol’. Mr. Woodhouse is hypocondriac, although this time it was starting to annoy me a little; Mr. Knightley doesn’t feel quite right, Emma is an obnoxious brat, Mr. Elton confesses his love for Emma and not at all Miss Smith, which is so obvious that Emma comes across as somewhat daft. I thought that was Harriet’s job. 😛

Oh yes, and again, they have tell and not show us the age difference between Knightley and Emma, i.e. having them specifically point out in dialogue that he’s way older than her. We’re still not going to believe that completely. Jonny Lee Miller might be handsome in a cravat, but he does look a lot younger than his 37 years, and for that matter, Romola Garai is three weeks younger than me, and last time I looked, I was 27. So no, it doesn’t quite work. Give me Strong or even Northam any day! (While I prefer looking at Northam, I liked Strong’s Knightley better.)

I don’t know, it just didn’t grab my attention very much. Fair enough, I was on the laptop at the same time, so maybe I just need to watch it again without any distractions. Still, it seemed to just work it’s paces, nothing new, nothing exciting… and oh yes, “it’s oh so very cold and it looks like snow” …what, you mean with those very pretty and very summery GREEN TREES and GREEN SHRUBS in the background? Snow? Really? Really? Sure, there have been some freak incidents of snow in June in Sweden, but umm… if they’re trying to portray winter, and specifically the time around Christmas… I’m not a native to this country, but I’ve been here long enough to know that both trees and shrubs have lost their leaves by then, evergreens like holly excluded.

It’s sliding down the credibility scale, and that’s not good at all. I’m a bit disappointed, to tell the truth, especially since this is supposed to be the last BBC costume drama for quite a while. I would rather dig out one of my other Emma adaptation DVDs, but they’re packed up in a box ready for when we move next week, so that’ll have to wait. Bleagh.

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