#FanstRA Introducing 3" Thorin

Welcome to FanstRAvaganza 4 here at The Squeee! This week, I’ve invited a very special little friend – he’s not 5 foot tall, in fact, he only measures about 3.5 inches. He calls himself Thorin Oakenshield. I call him 3″ Thorin (Three Inch Thorin). For this week, there will be two kinds of posts:

There is a lot of things you wish to get off your chest when you are the King Under the Mountain, and there are so many things you have seen over the years that you can offer simple yet profound advice to everyone else. This is what 3″ Thorin is offering in Conversations with 3″ Thorin.*

This week will also see the introduction of Ask 3″ Thorin feature, which is 3″ Thorin’s advice column that is meant to be a regular feature here even after the end of FanstRA4. Ask him a question, and he’ll give you personal advice on whatever it is you want to know. It’s 3″ Thorin the agony aunt on Thursdays.

To ask for 3″ Thorin’s advice on anything, you can drop him an email at askthorin@traxy.co.uk and your question will be replied to on Thursday Sunday! (Regular schedule will be on Thursdays, but the premiere will be on Sunday.)

* Yes, this is totally a play on Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God. For teh lulz.

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