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This post is not inspired or based on anything in particular, but it’s my last actual discussion topic of F3.

I have had a thought for a while now, after reading in various online newspapers about asexuality, which is finally getting some press. We all seem to be so very fascinated to talk about if Richard Armitage is straight or gay. (Hey, what if he’s bi?) What if that isn’t the question? It’s technically quite presumptious of us to assume he likes one gender or the other, even though that is the norm.

What if the answer is “neither”? Ever considered that?

It’s still true that you can be gay or straight or bi even if you’re asexual, and you can be anywhere on the scale too with how interested you are in sexual and romantic relationships. But yeah, what if we go around assuming he has an average sexual interest and he in fact isn’t all that bothered? How would that make you feel? Would it make a difference at all, to you as a fan? If it would, how come? Would it be any different than if we found out he was gay? If you’re one of the many fans who say him coming out wouldn’t change anything, I hope you’d still say the same if he came out as asexual, or else you’re going to sound a wee bit hypocritical. 😛

I don’t think – wishful thinking alert – he’s aromantic (lacking a romance drive, have no need/desire to fall in love). In fact, I hope he’s very romantic, because how awesome would it be to be wooed by him? Oh, my eyes glaze over by the mere thought.

But we’ve never really stopped to consider that he could be asexual, and isn’t interested in sex off-screen – even though he knows how to act it on camera. If he was, maybe he finds it hilarious that we keep referring to him as some kind of a sex symbol. If only we knew, eh?

For that matter, while we’re at it, he could just have a low sex drive, which would still mean he’d be welcome on the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) discussion board. It could be medical (not uncommon in hypothyroidism), or just a general “well, that’s just the way I am”.

I think that would be pretty amazing if he was asexual. Think of the contrast: desired by so many, yet without feeling the desire himself (or not as much desire as most people). Also, it would make for a very interesting discussion and how much easier it would be to have a conversation without the “I’m a woman and you’re a man” cloud hanging over your head. No need to be all self-conscious then, because he wouldn’t fancy you in that way regardless. I like that idea.

Please note I’m deliberately staying away from starting a “what if he can’t get it up?” discussion, so please don’t start that in the comments. That’s where I draw the line. To a certain degree, I would say that this post has gone too far … Then again, why should it be worse to discuss if he’s asexual than it is to discuss if he’s gay? Kinda the same level.

Anyway. Let me point out: NONE OF THIS IS BASED ON ANYTHING AT ALL. I don’t have a hunch or a gut feeling, and I haven’t read or seen anything anywhere to make me think “ohh, I wonder”, and I certainly haven’t heard any rumours. It’s simply taken out of thin air, purely for the purposes of having a philosophical discussion about it, because I thought it’d be such an intriguing twist to the whole sexuality discussion if it were true. (“Is he gay or straight? Neither! He’s asexual! Hah, you didn’t see that one coming!”)

And discussing the man’s sexuality is something us fans are obviously very interested in having, judging by the number of comments I’ve got on the topic before. If anything, I feel quite sorry for the man that we’re so terribly preoccupied with his sex life. In addition to that, I think I’m starting to get rather bored by the subject of Richard Armitage’s sexual preferences now, and won’t bring it up again. Unless something happened, because that would be news and worth talking about.

I just hope he’s at peace in his own body and that he has a long and happy life, regardless of if he wants to spend it with Eve or with Steve or with no one at all. After all, it’s really none of our business.

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