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This post is inspired, but not exactly based on, Richard Armitage’s character in George Gently: Gently Go Man.

If you haven’t seen the pilot episode of George Gently, you’ve missed some riveting acting. I was completely gobsmacked, watching Richard Armitage being interrogated as Ricky Deeming, in the same way that John Bateman was interrogated by Harry Price in Spooks. I wanted to stand up and applaud when the scene was over.

In the episode, Richard Armitage plays Ricky Deeming, the leader of a 1960s motorcycle gang that seem have more in common with the Scouts than Hell’s Angels. One of the younger lads idolises Deeming, and wants to draw him. This, Deeming agrees to, because he’s a kindly fellow. The drawing youth, however, has a crush on Deeming, but it’s not made entirely clear whether or not this was ever reciprocated.

To see Richard Armitage fan art on the TV screen was a novel experience, and I almost burst out in giggles at the thought. There are so many incredibly talented artists out there, who have all been inspired to draw the likeness of Richard Armitage. Even if we’re not very good at drawing, we make fanvideos on YouTube, write fanfiction on Wattpad, and if we don’t even do that, we blog about him! How come he’s such an inspiration to all of us?

Of course, there’s the question of looks – no one can doubt he’s a good-looking man – but looks alone don’t generally make people take up art if they haven’t been previously inclined. Is it because he’s talented? This, again, we can’t really question. If he was rubbish, he wouldn’t be hired as an actor, and we wouldn’t see him on screen, full stop. He also wouldn’t be called in to be the leading man in several of BBC’s prime time dramas, and he certainly would never have landed the second most important role in a major film franchise.

Or is it because he seems like such a nice guy? A true “boy next door”? Perhaps it’s a winning combination of all three: good looks, incredible talent (and being humble about both!) and that Average Joe feeling, matched with a kind heart and a good head on those strong shoulders of his.

What is it about Richard Armitage that attracts and inspires you?

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