Footage from Jane Eyre event at Haddon Hall

If you would like to see some footage from See Film Differently’s Jane Eyre premiere at Haddon Hall, there’s a little film here:

Both the Squeeze and I completely managed to evade being captured on film, apparently, despite me wearing my “Team Edward Rochester” t-shirt. Nice to see the bit with Cary Fukanaga (doesn’t he kinda remind you of Johnny Depp?), as that seemed to be cut off when we were actually there, due to some terrible lag in the system.

Also, there’s an event on next Saturday, which I’m hoping to attend.

And yes, I know, I still need to type up about the screening. Things got in the way, I’m afraid. Considering making it a Sunday Matinée post, which means it’s still a few weeks in the future, as it’s currently occupied by the German travel diary. Or maybe I’ll reschedule. We’ll see.

P.S. If you want to live in a place that inspired Charlotte Brontë, Thornton Hall in Thornton near Bradford is up for sale, for those who have £850,000+ to spare. Guide price is £849,000 and for that you get seven bedrooms, a pond and formal gardens. Even a library. Bargain! The Express have written a piece about it too.

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