Frozen (2005)

Film review: Frozen (2005), directed by Juliet McKoen

frozen2005A woman called Kath is traumatised by her sister Annie’s (Natalie Henderson) vanishing two years earlier, and becomes even more obsessed with finding her when the police drop their investigation, ending up looking at CCTV footage trying to find her. And … the rest is just a lot of dark, dreary weirdness masquerading as a murder mystery.

Richard Armitage’s part is quite small, he played Steven – the guy in charge of the CCTV cameras.

By all means, Shirley Henderson (Moaning Myrtle in the Harry Potter films, amongst others) is a great actress. The film itself … just … doesn’t float my boat. It’s too dark and weird and depressing for my liking. Too caught up in symbolism and trying to be mysterious to tell a good story. But that’s me.

Richard Armitage’s part wasn’t big enough to be very interesting either, unfortunately. Oh well.

I’d give it a … 2 out of 5 simply because it was well-acted and all that, just not to my personal taste. It won awards, though. Thus proving my point about weird, depressing movies is critic fodder, but a load of tosh to most of us ordinary people.

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