Guy of Gisborne … at Southwell Minster

Last Saturday, we happened to venture to the old market town of Southwell in east Nottinghamshire. (It’s either pronounced “south-well” like you’d expect OR “suth-ull” – haven’t had a definitive “it’s this way or the highway” yet, because there are people who argue both sides.)

We walked around town for a bit – lots of old houses, particularly of the Georgian fashion (which I love). I’m happy to announce they have a very nice greengrocer’s hidden away on a back street, and a nice little chocolate shop on the high street and a selection of cafés and restaurants. They also have a great big church for a fairly small town: the Southwell Minster.

As we were walking back to the short stay car park (free parking for up to two hours), we came across this … touristy informationy thingy:

You should be able to make out that it says “SOUTHWELL MINSTER” and “IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF ROBIN HOOD” and that a green-clad guy it would be safe to presume is Robin Hood is fighting someone. When I looked closer at it, however … I had to take a picture of the text. It’s Guy of Gisborne! Here’s what the sign says:

Click the image to enlarge

Click the image to enlarge

Sadly, no mention of Richard Armitage in leather.

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