Happy 2nd birthday, blog!

Today is the second anniversary of the launch of The Squeee!

A lot of things have happened during these past two years. To begin with, the template used to be green …

There was the Fanstravaganza and Brontë Challenge in 2010 and then there was Fanstravaganza 2 in 2011. This year, I’ve also got a shiny own domain name for the blog (www.thesqueee.co.uk as opposed to just thesqueee.blogspot.com), and settled for an actual (fairly) regular posting pattern.

Thanks to everyone who reads my crazy ramblings, thanks to those who comment on posts made, and thanks to those who follow the blog in one way or another. I can’t believe how many people are actually listed as followers, and every time I see the number, I’m amazed and humbled. Thank you so much!

Here’s one of the reasons for starting up this blog … or two, if you count that I love the song!

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