Happy April Fool’s Day!

Have you been fooled by anything today?

Here’s a joke from 1999, but I still love it. 🙂 Courtesy of ZTV’s news show ZTV Nytt:

Transcribed with translation:

Kajsa Nyström, ZTV presenter: [voiceover, trailer] In ZTV News Thursday: Modern Talking sings a classic in Swedish.

Kajsa Nyström: ZTV News can reveal today that the legendary 80:es band Modern Talking will do yet another version of their old hit “Brother Louie”. As an award to all their Swedish fans, this song will be released in Swedish in about a month.

Thomas Anders: This is, you know, was very special, because it’s not so easy to sing in Swedish. Umm… but we were in the studio and we did a special version… for… Sweden. And… umm…

Dieter Bohlen: For all the reindeers. [they laugh]

Thomas Anders: They have people here living here! [laugh] So we are very… umm… you know, we’re looking forward, and hopefully you’ll like it, and we will be number one with the Swedish version. It’s the first, er, song ever which comes from Modern Talking, not in English.

Kajsa Nyström: And I heard it’s ‘Brother Louie Louie Louie’ which is ‘Broder Louie Louie Louie’ in Swedish.

[they laugh]

Thomas Anders: Yeah, this was the easy part! To sing ‘Broder Louie Louie Louie’, you know, but the rest… oh my God! It was difficult!

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