Happy birthday, Richard Armitage!

‘Appy birfday, mi duck! 🙂

(…Hot dang, I love this picture!)

Celebrating his 39th birthday today – it’s our favourite actor, Mr. Richard Armitage! I know he’s not reading this and he’s not likely to ever come across this message, but still – Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful, happy and successful year. Thank you so much for all your hard work on screen (and off – not envious of the rigorous SAS training!), it has given so many of us not just plenty of things to talk about, but to watch and enjoy. Thank you for all your past work as well – it has brought many new friends from all over the world.

Now, if you want to leave a birthday message for him, you can do so at RichardArmitageNet. 🙂 I think they actually forward them to him somehow, while any birthday messages posted on here won’t be. Just so you know! If you want to send him a gift, please remember that he has asked his fans not to do so. He has everything he needs already, and while he’s flattered by us (the general public) wanting to give him gifts, he thinks we should spend our money on people who need it a whole lot more than he does. So please – consider a charity donation instead. Richard Armitage’s chosen charities at Just Giving are Childline, Barnados, Salvation Army and Shelter.

Will you, dear reader, be doing anything to celebrate the day? I watched the final episode of Robin Hood on TV yesterday (with Guy on a white horse, because now that he’s a good Guy, he obviously can’t be riding that black horse – it doesn’t work *rolls eyes*), and I hope I’ll have a little bit of time later today, between trying to sort the house out, to watch some of those DVDs I’ve not watched yet. Maybe. Hopefully.

Happy birthday, Mr. Richard and happy Armitage day everyone else! 🙂

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