Happy birthday to … Squeee!

I can’t believe it’s been a year already!

There are some posts that were posted pre-24 August 2009 but that’s because I imported them from another blog, as I thought they fitted better here than there. (Had a bit of a re-structure a while back.) Nooo, today – a year ago – The Squeee was created with the very first post, Fangirls Anonymous. Aww.

Began writing here because I never really got into blogging, just like I can’t get into writing a diary, because unlike the masses, I really don’t think my life is interesting enough to share with the world. If I wrote about things instead of writing letters to friends and family with little updates on what’s going on in my life here in the UK, that’s one thing. But umm, it also wouldn’t be interesting. Then there’s the thing about having an actual topic for blogging, which I haven’t had – it’s always been a bit “I hate my job” or the odd thought that has struck me, or something that’s annoyed me, and of course, the occasional “I just read this book and it’s awesome”. Therefore, I thought about what I’m interested in and would like to write about, and thought entertainment was the right kind of thing to go for.

As a child, I used to bore my family with talking about somethings I had either read in a book or watched on TV. At one point, my mum even said I should stop telling her about what other people had come up with and come up with something myself instead, i.e. she meant, “I’m sorry sweety, but I would be a lot more interested in what you have to say if it was a story you had written yourself … rather than reiterating the latest episode of MacGyver or the last dozen Nancy Drew books you finished”. Which I can understand.

The past twelve months have been interesting, to say the least. I started out just writing a few things here and there about Emma and Wuthering Heights and owe a lot to Nat at RA Fanblog who linked to me (after I dropped the link in a comment) and got more visitors this way. Thank you so much! 😀

Thank you to all you who visit, read and comment on my easily over-enthusiastic ramblings! To those of you who are just passing through but mainly to those of you who keep coming back. I’m honoured and deeply appreciate you all taking your time to stop by to primarily read about Jane Eyre (much thanks to the Brontë Challenge at Laura’s Reviews) or Richard Armitage. The tall, dark, handsome British actor, that is, not the shady-sounding Secretary of State in the US, whom 99% of the Richard Armitage Google Alerts are about.

Anyway, for a laugh, here’s the blog’s birth chart … 🙂

Here’s to another year!

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