Have you heard of Richard III?

Or rather, have you heard of the campaign launched by some fans of Richard Armitage, to have his project about King Richard III come to fruition? If not, you really ought to check it out. 🙂 There’s a petition to sign and everything! Back in August, there was a “King Richard Week”, which I forgot to mention at the time, as my parents were visiting so didn’t have much time for computers. Thought it would be good to have a reminder about the project now, and perhaps find some more supporters. 🙂

Richard Armitage has been talking about wanting to do a project about Richard III for some time now. He wants to do something historically accurate, because William Shakespeare … well, he was paid by a Tudor, and seeing as how they defeated the Plantagenets (or something like that), trying to downplay the defeated king meant getting a paycheck. Here’s the king himself to tell us what was going on, thanks to Horrible Histories:

Richard Armitage was born in Leicestershire on 22 August, which was the same date (not year, obviously) that Richard III died, at the Battle of Bosworth … in Leicestershire. Heck, the actor was even named after the king! So he has a personal connection to him, so to speak. If you would like to know more about King Richard III and, for that matter, Richard Armitage – have a look at Darlingdarling‘s and CDoart‘s site King Richard Armitage, where you can sign a petition to show your support.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s a song and a heartfelt plea from the king himself, because he really was a pretty good guy, you know!

There’s also a Facebook page here: Richard III for Richard Armitage!

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