Holy skin-tight suit, Superman!

ComicBookMovie.com have posted some pictures of Henry Cavill dressed in full Superman costume, for the new, “darker” franchise reboot, Man of Steel (2013). Dark? Superman?! That just sounds wrong. But anyway. Here’s what Clark Kent’s superhero alias will look like:

Nice cape, Clark.

But what’s more:

He’s even allowed genitalia this time, unlike Brandon Routh.

Cute buns, Clark. Less keen on them ribs o’ yours, though.

Err. Someone else get the feeling that this is just WRONG? I mean, sure, nice physique there, Cavill. Good for the eyecandy part and all, but where are the red undies? It looks too professional, somehow. Similar to the suit in Spider Man 3, and not a far cry from The Dark Knight either. Dunno. It just doesn’t exactly scream “Superman” at me. And that’s regardless of the big ol’ S on the chest.

What do you think? Super hot or super not?

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