I’m not ignoring you – my email’s b0rked

If anyone’s been trying to contact me by email and have failed to get a response – I’m not being rude, I just haven’t received your email (if you’ve had a mailer daemon response, it’s obvious I haven’t, but I’m not sure my domain sends those out).

Okay, true, I can be pretty damn awful in responding to emails (or Facebook messages) sometimes, but if someone sends me an email to do with this blog, I tend to be so happily surprised and delighted that I answer straight away, as opposed to “yeah, I’ll respond to that later. *six months on* Oh… umm… well, it’s a bit late now, really, isn’t it? *cough*” which is not a rare occurrence, unfortunately. Procrastination’s a bitch. Or rather, I’m procrastination’s bitch.

So I’m really sorry if you’ve tried to contact me and think I’m ignoring you because I’ve not responded to you – I’m definitely not ignoring you, it’s just that my contact details have been buggered. For some reason. I thought I tried the address and it worked, but maybe it didn’t. That’s why I’ve now changed it, to one that I know works. So now there (fingers crossed) shouldn’t be an issue. Still, if I haven’t got back to you within a week or so, it’s likely I haven’t received it for some reason. Just pop me a message in a blog comment and I’ll get back to you, because I do read all blog comments, and I try to respond to all of them as well. 🙂

Thank you for your time! 🙂

Message ends.

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