In Search of a Midnight Kiss (2007)

insearchofamidnightkissIn Search of a Midnight Kiss (2007), written and directed by Alex Holdridge

Bah, that cover lies. It’s not funny, and I don’t find it charming either. It’s about some generic loser of a guy who finds a girl on Craigslist who turns out to be a really annoying nutcase and their first date on New Year’s Eve.

In Search of a Midnight Kiss is like one of those movies critics love. *checks* Yup, it’s won three awards. Bingo. Should’ve known from the black and white, really.

“Romantic comedy”… I’ve not laughed once. I cringed in the beginning, when he had photoshopped his flatmate’s girlfriend’s face on a nude picture and they discovered him jerking off to it. Ehh.

Unlike last night, when I ended up watching the entirety of Derailed, I’m cutting this one short. It’s about 45 minutes left, and I’m calling it a night. Her voice is seriously grating. Off to bed, night night.

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