It’s all in the hair…

Last updated: 10 June 2010

Here’s an observation. It’s all about the hair! Sometimes, you see someone who’s gorgeous and then they do something with their hair and all of a sudden they aren’t. Or they have such great hair that they’re just a bit “oooh”. Is it the hair or is it the characters that are being played? It’s the hair. Before I had joined the ranks of the Armitage Army, I saw a bit of Spooks 7 with Richard Armitage and thought “meh, prefer him as Gisborne”. All in the hair, because I wasn’t looking at more than his physical appearance at the time (the re-watch after the fan turning made me look more closely and appreciate the actual character, beyond the looks). Gisborne has decidedly more hair, and I prefer RA with more hair. Like this:

Cute. But too short. Makes him look like Daniel Radcliffe!

Yes, yes, yes, YES!!
*fans herself with the laptop*

So let’s have a look at some others that spring to mind…

Toby Stephens: Meh. – Oh hullo. – Squeeee! *dies*

Craig Parker: Cute – vs – Oh. My. Effing. Gods!!
(I’ve been meaning to make a post about Legend of the Seeker…)

Ken Olin: Awight. – *swoon*
Ah heck, who am I kidding? He’s gorgeous either way!

Billy Zane is known to shave his hair off between roles, and while he has a lovely head
and an even lovelier smile (and incredible eyes), I prefer him with hair.

Tom Hanks. Run, Forrest! – Box of chocolates.

Ted Whittall: Handsome – Wow.
(And that’s like the ONLY picture of him in Tin Man
I can find! That’s just plain rude. Ahamo’s a dish!)

Not saying guys with short or no hair are less attractive. Two words: Bruce Willis.
I’m just saying some hairstyles really work, and some really don’t.
Here’s one that really doesn’t do it for me:

Luke Goss: “Dude, what the hell?! I look like a girl!” – “You need a cold shower, lady. In my room.”
(To be fair, I loved his long hair as Prince Nuada, but as King Xerxes, it’s just wrong.)

Here’s another one, where about ten years also played its part… and my ageism is another post altogether!

Thomas Anders: Long 80s hair, nein danke. Short 90s/00s hair, bitte bitte bitte sehr!

Or there is no “before and after” pictures, just “I love your hair, man!” Here are a couple:

TV presenter Jonathan Ross and food critic Matt Preston.
I quite like Wossy anyway, but with a different haircut, perhaps less so?
Preston could do with losing a few stone, which would make him look
less toadlike (no offense!) and that would add the appeal he’s now lacking
(even if he does seem to wear a cravat-like attire),
but with that hair, he definitely has some potential!

And it’s not just the men, to be fair!

While I think she’d still be a remarkably beautiful woman even if she was bald…

I do very much prefer Morena Baccarin with long hair. I just think it suits her better.

Or sometimes, it’s all about the hair colour:

Gillian Anderson, Rachel Hurd-Wood and Karen Gillan.
Their hair colours, no matter how natural they are or not, I LOVE THEM!

Okay, so from the above, one would perhaps draw the conclusion I like dark hair on men and red hair on women. True dat, I do. Been wanting red hair since the days of the X-Files! With guys – tall, dark, handsome, you know! Don’t mind other hair colours either – I’m married to a guy with beautiful, auburn hair. 😉

I might add more as I think of them. (EDIT 24/4/2010): Just have. See above! :D) It’s getting late and I’m rather knackered so my brain has crawled to a halt… and looking up pictures of drop dead gorgeous blokes doesn’t exactly help! 😉

And if you didn’t like the picspam, go take a Period Drama Cravat Quiz instead. I got 11 out of 20. Luckily, I got both the North and South and Jane Eyre 2006 ones. Anything else would’ve been unbelievably embarassing, considering certain obsessions of which you’ll all be aware by now… 😉 The quiz is something I came across while googling for pictures for this post. Good Google. Have a biscuit. *pats on head*

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