Jane Eyre ’11 on Friday – guest bloggers wanted!

Jane Eyre ’11 premieres here in the UK on Friday 9 September. Leading up to that, I’m clearing the schedule for an all-out Jane Eyre week!

If you have something you’d like to contribute about Jane Eyre – be it The Book, derivative books or screen adaptations – between now and 10 September, feel free to get in touch, as I’m looking for guest bloggers for this event. Posts about Jane Eyre ’11 in one way or another are preferable, seeing as how that’s the film that’s coming out, but I’m not picky. After all, it’s the same great story regardless. 🙂

Please send in your post(s) by email to dishmastah (at) traxy (dot) net or by Facebook message to Traxy Thornfield. If you could included a brief summary of who you are and where you’re from, that would be helpful. Doesn’t have to be personal.

I’m planning to spend tomorrow camped out in Bakewell. We’ll see how that turns out. Hopefully, in the week that follows, I’ll have more to say about that than “spent the day in Bakewell and then went home again”, but we’ll see. Hoping to get that post about our North Lees Hall visit A YEAR AGO done at least … heh.

But yeah, slightly less than a week to go now! Wooooohooo!

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