Jane Eyre ’11 – release dates – not good news

BrontëBlog are reporting some very much awaited release dates for Jane Eyre 2011. Here’s me thinking merrily that it’ll have a release 11 March, or at least thereabouts. Wrong!

In chronological order:

11 March 2011 – USA (limited)
7 April 2011 – Australia
14 April 2011 – Germany
9 June 2011 – The Netherlands
9 September 2011 – UK
23 September 2011 – Spain
September 2011 – Denmark

So basically, the country of origin of the story itself will have to wait until bloody SEPTEMBER before we can see the film?! WHAT THE HELL?! Is there no justice in the world?! :'( Guess I’ll have to change the countdown clock on my computer and set it +6 months. Goshdarnit. Really disappointed now! Not to mention incredibly jealous of the Aussies.

The only thing that makes me not despair completely is what Michael Fassbender had to say about Mr. Rochester:

“A Byronic character burnt by experience, arrogant but also eloquent and introspective. He’s world-weary and jaded, sensual, self-destructive; yet there’s a good sense of humor in there, and at the end of the day a good heart. He sees the freshness and beauty in Jane when everybody else looks past her.”

It bodes well for Team Rochester. Gold star right there, mister. You might win us over yet.

Mr. Rochester, you had me at “What the deuce”. *sigh*

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