Jane Eyre 2011 – UK trailer & poster released

Thanks to BrontëBlog for the tip! Here’s the UK poster for the 2011 version of Jane Eyre:

Jane-Eyre-poster-0011I like it, I really do. I like the colours and in general I just find it more appealing than the US one, to be honest. Beautiful photos and beautiful artwork. They’ve also released a UK version of the trailer, which is different from the US one! They seem to do a lot more talking, and it summarises the book as well.

Reactions: “Hey, I think I like this better than the old trailer!”

On the other hand, there is a reason why there are UK versions of these things – to appeal to a European market, as we don’t necessarily have the same tastes as the North Americans. For that reason, it’s not exactly a surprise that I prefer the UK versions – I’m European, duuh! 🙂 Original (US) poster and trailer are here, if you want to compare.

And yeah, we still have to wait until 9 September this year before it comes out. Blearghh. If you want to find out if the film was any good or not, check out the guest review Nan wrote, which I’m thinking is going to be similar to my own views of it. 🙂 Still, three months to go here …

What about you? Which trailer and poster do you prefer?

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