Jane Eyre costumes return to Haddon Hall

Through PeriodDramas.com, we learn that Haddon Hall (outside Bakewell in Derbyshire), the Thornfield of no less than three different Jane Eyre adaptations (Gainsbourg/Hurt 1996, Wilson/Stephens 2006, Wasikowska/Fassbender 2011), is to have an exhibition of the costumes of said productions. Last year, they displayed costumes from the 2011 production, but now they’re getting ones from the previous two as well. Yay!!

If it was just the 2011 costumes, I wouldn’t be that tempted to go – been there, seen those – but with the other two adaptations as well … awwww, I’ll totally have to. Just imagine, seeing Rochester’s deep green coat … wow. Also, the 2011 costumes are incredible!

Mrs. Fairfax’s apron. I loved it in the film. It’s even more wonderful to behold in real life.

The exhibition is on 28 July 2012 to 2 September 2012. They’re also doing the behind the scenes tour again, which is well worth it if you’re a Jane Eyre fan, or even if you just love Haddon Hall, because you get to see parts of the house that are normally off-limits. Okay, not a lot of new places, admittedly, only the upper courtyard and a couple of rooms, but still!

To book tickets (£11.50 for Behind the Scenes, pre-booking necessary; 9.50 normal adult entry), call 01629 812 855 or visit Haddon Hall’s recently re-vamped website. Opening hours and other entry prices (kids, groups, concessions) are listed on their website.

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