Jane Eyre musical soundtrack (York/Williams)

This musical version of Jane Eyre was written/composed by Patricia York and Jerry Williams and was apparently recorded at Hale Centre Theatre, which I think is somewhere in the US. It stars Jennie Whitlock as Jane and Mark Gollaher as Rochester. Haven’t got the foggiest who either of them are, but it doesn’t matter. They can sing, and that’s really all that matters!

It kind of only has songs and not so much dialogue so I can’t really say how well it reflects the story in full, as the story in full isn’t in there. It’s a soundtrack after all. There is no official tracklisting, so this is from the Enthusiast’s Guide to Jane Eyre Adaptations:

  1. Lowood
  2. I Believe
  3. Prosperity
  4. To Be Free
  5. When I Was Green
  6. Something Here
  7. Notions
  8. Something Here (reprise)
  9. Ghosts
  10. Between the Lines
  11. Put Everything In It’s Place
  12. Miss Wilson
  13. Despair
  14. She Can Not Charm Him
  15. Wild Boy
  16. The Moors Are A’Callin’
  17. Proposal
  18. Explanations
  19. Farewell
  20. The Rivers
  21. I Need A Missionary Wife
  22. Ferndean
  23. Finale

It’s very… well, it sounds like a musical. Basically. Like you’d expect it to. It’s weird – a chorus of Lowood girls singing a song, Jane and Edward singing to one another… St. John! Singing, for goodness sake! That’s just wrong. The whole weirdness of it all just made me giggle a bit. Would’ve been fun to see on stage, but alas. There are some catchy tunes, though, and I’ll be listening to it more than once, for sure. I do quite like musicals. 🙂

Here’s a review by someone who’s actually seen it on stage: Eric D. Snider (Hale Centre Theatre, West Valley, 2000)

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