Jane Eyre premiering in Venice – bogus?

I thought the new adaptation of Jane Eyre was going to premiere at the Venice Film Festival now in September, but after scanning the films on show and the schedules, I can’t find it. So I believe rumours of the film showing up in broad daylight at this year’s Venice Film Festival have been greatly exaggerated. We still have to wait until March of next year … *sigh*

The only thing to whet our appetites so far have been a few tweets from NY Times (?) Catherine Mayer (@catherine_mayer), namely these:

Watched the rough cut of forthcoming Jane Eyre movie. I think Mr Rochester will do for Michael Fassbender what Mr Darcy did for Colin Firth

Hoho wow, is all I have to say, in a Father Dougal type way. Splendid, can’t wait!

Not least because Michael Fassbender does for breeches what Colin Firth did for breeches

Screenshot or it didn’t happen! Seriously, show a picture of the guy so we can commence swooning pre-premiere!

Mia Wasikowska is, incidentally, wonderful as Jane Eyre

What, in a sort of “oh yah, the heroine’s awright, btw” fashion? Maybe she was too taken by Rochester. … Which bodes well for all of us on Team Rochester! 😀

Jamie Bell is very good. You want to like the character but can’t. The brutality of Jane’s rejection is still shocking

Ohh, we’re getting a decent St John for once? Excellent.

I think I need to bring out me Jane Eyre MP3s again (audio ripping from DVDs ftw!) as a consolation price. And post a gratuitous piccy of Michael Fassbender. Just as a “ah just wait for it, the man has potential” token. Ahhh … we shall see, we shall see …

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