Jason Priestley – 20 years later

Had Sci-Fi Channel on during the weekend. Saw parts of a film about some sort of rip in time and space that threatened to end the whole universe. Termination Point (2007). It took me quite some time before I suddenly realised I had seen one of the guys before. Turning to my Squeeze (the husband), I said, flabbergasted, “is that Jason Priestley?!” Indeed it was.

The guy turned 40 less than a fortnight ago, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Didn’t care much for him in Beverly Hills 90210, which I never saw that much of anyway back in the day, or even Teen Angel, which I DID see, so I must say, he’s looking decidedly more appealing to me at 40 than he did at 20.

Verdict: Time has been kind indeed!

But that’s just me.

Or is it?

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