JE’11 casting

Okay, IMDb-ing the upcoming Jane Eyre adaptation, there are some more roles which have been cast:

Mrs. Fairfax – Dame Judy Dench

I would think she has a bit too much of a commanding presence for the mild Mrs. Fairfax, but on the other hand, she’s also a damned fine actress, so she should be able to pull it off.

Mrs. Reed – Sally Hawkins

Anne Elliot of Persuasion ’07. I can see her as similar to Tara Fitzgerald in the Mrs. Reed role, because in a way, they remind of each other.

Still, I thought Fitzgerald was an odd choice for Mrs. Reed – a bit too young, and Hawkins isn’t exactly old enough either.

St. John Rivers – Jamie Bell 

He’s been in Jumper (the guy who wasn’t Hayden Christensen), Billy Elliott (as Billy Elliot), was one of the Bielski brothers in Defiance (where he played alongside Mia Wasikowska (Jane ’11), and their characters ended up a couple!), and apparently he’s starring as Tintin in the upcoming real-life Spielberg film. I had no idea who he was from the name, but apparently I’ve seen him in a few different things. He too looks to be very young. Is this going to be a common theme for this adaptation? Everyone’s too young for the parts they’re playing? 🙁

Richard Mason – Harry Lloyd

Will Scarlett in BBC’s Robin Hood. I’m almost going “oooh!” because of that, and then I have to remind myself I only watched that show because of Guy of Gisborne. He’s also going to be Viserys in the pilot of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, along with:

Tamzin Merchant

Doesn’t say what part she has in JE’11, but she’ll be Daenerys in GoT, and she was Georgina Darcy in Pride and Prejudice ’05. She’s also been in The Tudors, apparently. I stopped watching after season one, as my reason for watching it (Sam Neill as Cardinal Wolsey) was killed off.

I’m wondering if she’s supposed to be Blanche Ingram. If so – she’s blonde! I know she was blonde in ’06 as well, but she’s “dark as a Spaniard” according to Brontë.

Lark Rise to Candleford (a costume drama I’ve not watched at all – shame on me!) unites Sandy McDade (Miss Scatcherd) and Rosie Cavaliero (Grace Poole). Not well-acquainted with either ladies, although Rosie looks familiar.

Also, and which makes me clap my hands in delighted glee: They’re filming at Haddon Hall! 😀 I really hope they’re using it for Thornfield, and not “a non-descript room somewhere” – after all, Pride and Prejudice ’05 also filmed there… but only “Elizabeth’s room” or something like that, which is a bit pants. If they’re at Haddon, I want to see the tower, the courtyards, the turrets, the staircase, the long gallery and everything else!

Almost a shame I’m starting to work full-time in a couple of days (in Derbyshire, as it happens, but not exactly near Haddon Hall), or I would totally drive up there and camp out. Ah, one can but dream.

Gratuitous picture:

“I grieve to leave Thornfield: I love Thornfield”

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