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Jeremy’s da man

Years ago, I used to watch shows like Ricki Lake and Jenny Jones. Also had Sally Jesse Raphael and Jerry Springer to choose from, but for me, it was mainly Ricki or Jenny. Britain have some of those people too. There’s Trisha, for instance, and recently, I’ve come across Jeremy Kyle.

It’s interesting to compare British and American trailer trash TV (because let’s face it, the people who go on those shows don’t exactly live in Kensington or Orange County). Americans are a lot more vivid with the “talk to the hand ’cause the face ain’t lis’nin’!” and the gesture that goes with it, whereas it seems the Brits tend to more often be inclined to walk off stage and sulk and be coaxed back out. Oh, much less comments from the audience in Britain as well.

The thing I like with Jeremy Kyle is that he’s not easy on the people who go on the show. He has an opinion and he’s not afraid to use it. Where Ricki Lake would go :O over something, he’d perhaps raise an eyebrow and proceed to tell people off and tell them how stupid or ridiculous they really are, which everyone’s thinking but no one else has had the courtesy of letting them know.

In Britain, it’s chav TV really, isn’t it? Chavs are kind of the British equivalent of trailer trash, except in Britain, they’re not living in trailers. (I’ve yet to fully grasp what the meaning of council housing is, but I think I’ve got a rough idea.) It’s not like you normally see well-educated and well-paid people on there.

There seems to be a lot of lie detector testing for cheating on the Jeremy Kyle show. At least on the few episodes I’ve seen so far. The funny thing was an older couple, and the woman was accusing the man of cheating. The guy was telling the truth, he had not been cheating on his partner. My thoughts were more along the line of “lady, have you seen what your partner actually looks like? o_O He ain’t exactly [insert name of some hot actor]!”

If you want ordinary people but of a slightly classier part of society, with a presenter who knows just what to say and do and learn you a few things along the way, there is only one show. Only one man. Dr. Phil McGraw. I don’t agree with him on everything, but then again, he’s not likely to believe a problem comes from a past life, as he’s not a regression therapist. 😉

As long as I don’t end up on chav TV, or spend all day watching it, I’ll be happy. I’m going to have a lot of spare time coming up, seeing as how I’ve quit my job.

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