Lamenting the RH exhibition

I actually went to see the Robin Hood exhibition at Nottingham Castle last year, as I was showing someone around town and we decided to pop to the castle for a visit.

(Brought the camera and all, should’ve taken photos, but I didn’t. Someone slap me, please, I deserve it.)

Now, going to a pretty small exhibition for a show you aren’t all that interested in… well, you walk around fairly quickly. If I had been a fan of the show back then, things would’ve been different. There were clothes on display – one of the outlaws had a pair of Converse on… I’m pretty sure they weren’t invented back then. 😛

There wasn’t much to it. Some weapons, some pictures, some clothes, some info on characters, some video footage. Still plenty enough to take pictures of. And yet I didn’t.

There was also really big pictures of the characters, and I did go slightly weak at the knees seeing Guy towering over me. My reaction was thinking “woah, he’s a bit attractive and a half, inn’t he!” and I DIDN’T EVEN TAKE A PICTURE!!!

Woe is me. 🙁

At least I still have the sticker… somewhere.

If anyone DID happen to go there and take pictures, I’d love to see them. 🙂

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