May the 4th be with you!

May the 4th… “May the Force”… Because of that play on words, this particular date has been known as Star Wars Day by various pun-loving Jedi-wannabes from here to Naboo. I like Star Wars, and like most people, I prefer the original films, where Yoda was a puppet and not an animation. Where Darth Vader had that James Earl Jones voice and put heavy breathers everywhere to shame. I even like the Ewoks! So there!

Now, as you might know, an actor a lot of us love and are very devoted to was in one of those new films. He’s known to have tried hitting on Keira Knightley in the process (although I personally don’t see why anyone would want to – although, to be fair, didn’t he mistake her for Natalie Portman?) – so let’s recap with a picture of what at least looks to be the most dashing fighter pilot in the galaxy: Mr. Richard Armitage!

“So … d’you come here often?”

A more detailed discussion on exactly where you can probably see Richard Armitage in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace can be found in the C19 forum. 🙂 (Will require logging in. But it’s worth it – interesting forum for RA fans as well as 19th century literary addicts!)

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