Movember #3: Mark Harmon

Every Sunday this month, I’m posting pictures of a mustachioed man to help raise awareness of cancer awareness charity Movember, where blokes are encouraged to grow a ‘tache to show support for the charity.

Raising awareness for cancer is the sort of thing I like to endorse if I can, but I can’t grow one myself, and I don’t want to see one on the Squeeze either (beards, on the other hand, are hot). This is the third week. Week one had a Belfast cop, last week had a solicitor-turned-heir, and this week?

This week, it’s what we class as a “mistake”. Hah.

Mark Harmon
The whiskers, obvs, not the man
A younger Mark Harmon
A few years old …
Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Even Gibbs realised it was a mistake
My reaction when googling for Mark Harmon photos and realising that while he’s very handsome indeed now, HOLY MOLY WHEN HE WAS YOUNGER HE WAS SERIOUSLY FREAKING AMAZEBALLS HOT
Young Mark Harmon
(Just in case you thought I was joking)

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