Movember #4: Richard Armitage

Every Sunday this month, I’m posting pictures of a mustachioed man to help raise awareness of cancer awareness charity Movember, where blokes are encouraged to grow a ‘tache to show support for the charity.

Raising awareness for cancer while ogling hot actors sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me, so that’s how I’m chipping in this year. This is the fourth and final week, however, but it’s a good one, I promise. Because it had to be done eventually. Claude Monet from The Impressionists (2006), as played by Richard “Squirrelbeard” Armitage.

Richard as Monet
Claude Monet

Richard Armitage as MonetRichard as Monet

Sick Monet

August Strindberg impression? You’re doing it right. (Well, sort of.)

That’s it for this year! Thank you for playing. If you’ve enjoyed these posts, why not consider popping over to the official Movember site and spare a shekel for a good cause? 🙂

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