Mr Rochester – rather like a Vulcan

Listening to the 1983 adaptation audio (and the end of 1973 for comparison), a certain exchange conjured up a certain image in my head… From the book:

“Perhaps you would rather not sit any longer on my knee, Miss Eyre?” was the next somewhat unexpected observation.
“Why not, Mr. Rochester?”
“The picture you have just drawn is suggestive of a rather too overwhelming contrast.  Your words have delineated very prettily a graceful Apollo: he is present to your imagination,—tall, fair, blue-eyed, and with a Grecian profile. Your eyes dwell on a Vulcan,—a real blacksmith, brown, broad-shouldered: and blind and lame into the bargain.”
“I never thought of it, before; but you certainly are rather like Vulcan, sir.”

Scroll down…

Take a wild stab at a guess…
No wonder you have rather the look of another world.
Aha. Ha. Ha.

(Sorry. I just had to.)

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